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World Design Weeks is a network for
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42 festivals around the world

World Design Weeks is a force for openness.

In these times of uncertainty, we need new ideas on how to improve our economy and our societies, and design can be the answer.

New thoughts and ideas only emerge when we’re open and collaborative.

Our Mission

We reach out, throwing our arms wide, and invite new members to join our global design family. We believe in unity and inclusivity.

Our identity is inspired by the tilt of the Earth’s axis: a fundamental aspect of our planet that affects all of us, whoever and wherever we may be. It reminds us we are all the same. And it reminds us that the simplest detail can change the world.

We provide a link between the world's design festivals

The network consists of 42 design weeks and festivals around the world, and is constantly growing.

It connects growth metropolises’ creative urban festivals and their partners, such as academies and companies representing the design industry.

The objective is to promote collaboration in the design field and to develop the economy of creative fields.

As World Design Weeks, we unite the planet’s design

We share knowledge, resources and best
practice, fostering the exchange of products, talent and ideas, sustainable development, and the growth of individual design events.

Our mission: to elevate the global conversation, understanding, education and connection of people with design. Let’s do it together.

Your questions, answered...

Why does WDW exist?

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We wanted a way for design festivals across the world to connect and learn from each other, be inspired by others' communities and bring more value.

What do members get?

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Members take part in monthly virtual meet-ups, where they learn from the experiences of the board and other members.

We provide marketing across our newsletter and social media for your festival.

And much more!

How much is a membership?

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As of 2024, membership fees are structured on a combination of the member's country and festival budget.

Can more than one city per country join?

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Yes, more than one city per country can join.

Can more than festival per city join?

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Currently, only one festival per city is permitted. Please get in touch if this of concern to you.

Call for members is now open.
Read more about membership.

Meet the Board

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Barcelona Design Week
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Co-Founder / General Director
Design Week Mexico
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International Public Affairs
Dutch Design Week
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Nairobi Design
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Board Member
Tokyo Design Week
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Bogotá Design Festival
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Anchorage Design
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Founder and Director
Helsinki Design Week
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Deputy Director of Creative Economy Agency
Bangkok Design Week
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Executive director of Seoul Design Festival
Seoul Design Festival
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Deputy Director
Beijing Design Week

Founding Members

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