Member Benefits

WDW membership gives you access to these benefits:

  • Annual World Design Weeks Meetings: Access and free admission to the annual meeting: an interactive gathering of WDW members connected to an important design event.
  • Annual World Design Weeks Summit: Access to attend as a member. The summit is hosted during an international design week or event that is well attended globally.
  • Your event will be listed on the WDW Global Design Week calendar annually
  • PR/Promotional support for your design week through the WDW website, eNewsletter (monthly), social media, and WDW events. More on communication benefits here.
  • Access to a global network of design weeks, organized and connected for the first time.
  • Sharing of knowledge/information/best practices/tools with other members.
  • Collaboration opportunities to attract new press, sponsors, grants and revenue and work on projects that will be stronger as a group effort.
  • Discover more here.

In order to get the most out of your membership:

  • Twice a year, update the organisation with your event information.
  • If possible, attend at least one of the 2 annual WDW meetings.
  • Respond to requests for advice/support from other members and be a part of the conversation and community.
  • Volunteer for a committee at the regional level.

Membership Criteria

To become a World Design Weeks member it is clearly visible in all events, exhibitions, experiences and interactions that your design event:

  • Shows the full spectrum of design through different media and formats
  • Connects to the design community in its broadest sense: design-studio’s, -academies, -universities, -research institutions, -fairs, -museo, -hubs, -laboratories, -associations, -media, -driven organisations and businesses, local government and economic/social development organisations.
  • Endorses the mission statement of WDW: World Design Weeks aims to elevate the global conversation, understanding, education and connection of people with design. As World Design Weeks, we unite the planet’s design communities. We share knowledge, resources and best practice, fostering the exchange of products and ideas, sustainable development, and the growth of individual design events.
  • Has organised at least three earlier editions.
  • Has one clear representative that expresses the motivation for the application. The name of this WDW dedicated representative will also be mentioned on your WDW membership certificate. The representative of the organisation also proposes a person that replaces him/her and informs WDW board in case of changes.

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