The Creative Economy Agency (public organization) or CEA, in collaboration with network partners from government agencies, the private sector, and the education sector, is organizing the Isan Creative Festival 2023 between April 1 and 9, 2023, from 11.00 am to 9.00 pm, under the theme "Regional (enlight) sation," to promote the potential of designers and creators throughout the Northeastern region and to improve the quality of life and society through creativity. Furthermore, the festival focuses on activities that correspond to three outstanding creative industries in Isan: 1. Isan Entertainment, 2. Isan Gastronomy, and 3. Isan Craft & Design, while also serving as a prototype development platform 'Creative Economic District' to become a 'Creative City' at the national level, elevating the Northeastern region to be 'livable, attractive for investment, and attractive for tourism,' promoting knowledge and new business opportunities that are ready to encourage with the changing world through 5 main activities of the festival, which total more than 326 programs.


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