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México Territorio Creativo presents: "Designing the Future: 15 Years of Design Week Mexico" an exhibition that pays homage to the remarkable journey of the effervescent national design community over the last decade and a half. The exhibition will take place at Espacio CDMX, from May 31st to August 14th. This momentous occasion not only commemorates DWM's achievements but also highlights the resilience, authenticity and creativity that have become hallmarks of Mexico as a fertile Creative Territory.

In an ever-changing world, where challenges arise at an unprecedented rate, the design industry has demonstrated its remarkable ability to adapt and overcome. This exhibition shows the unwavering commitment of Mexican designers to find innovative solutions while staying true to their cultural heritage.

Sustainability is at the center of the spirit of Mexican design. By honoring tradition and embracing advanced techniques, designers in this country have seamlessly blended the past and the future. Expanding on their rich cultural heritage to create innovative and visionary designs that reflect the need to design a better and more sustainable world. This exhibition invites everyone to witness the transformative power of design as it becomes a driving force for positive change.

Design Week Mexico has played a pivotal role in promoting and nurturing design talent, and this exhibition serves as a platform to showcase the incredible achievements of Mexico's cultural leaders. By fostering an environment that promotes entrepreneurship and creativity, it has paved the way for young designers to emerge as future industry visionaries.