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"Inspired in Barcelona: Terra Rossa" exhibition will be presented in Milan Design Week (16-21 April 2024). Càntir, the traditional Catalan clay pitcher, has been reimagined by sixteen designers and artists from Barcelona for Terra Rossa, curated by Júlia Esqué and Apartamento Studios. 

Half of the artists, Jaume RamirezLolo y SosakuOWL Furniture and ObjectsHelena FraderaKlas ErnfloClaudia Valsells, and Robbie Whitehead, intervened their jug in its raw condition, before firing, transforming the traditional pieces into unique contemporary objects, while still functional and respectful of the original proportions, as requested by the curatorial project. The other half of the artists, Mark BohleGina Berenguer, Laura BrichsLuna PaivaPepa ReverterAlbert Riera GalceranXavier Mañosa, and About Arianne, have taken a plastic approach, making changes to the pitchers following the firing. They engaged in an intervention on the surface of the jug, adjusting the skin with the use of colors, paints, ropes, or other materials, without altering its original structure.

The installation is completed by an anteroom where a large jar, provided by ceramist Carles Llarch, which is filled with wine and invites visitors to celebrate the event, and by a versatile central space, set up thanks to collaborations with the best Catalan furniture design brands, where visitors can sit, gather or simply take a break during the hectic days of the Milanese festival.

In the same exhibition space, it will be possible to visit concurrently the exhibition “Visions of Catalonia. Designing Craft”: everyday objects that aim for innovation, proximity, sustainability, and social commitment. The exhibition, organized by the Consortium of Commerce Crafts and Fashion, is also promoted by the Government of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

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