Anchorage Design Week 2024

Anchorage Design Week is an annual gathering of creative minds to promote and inspire place-based design and imagine the future of our city and the life-ways of Northern regions.

Anchorage Design
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Feb 21, 2024


Feb 25, 2024

Fostering Inclusivity

Design Week welcomes community members and creatives to consider the role of design in advancing positive futures through visuals, interventions, workshops, and conversations. This year, we consider how sustainable materials and practices foster inclusivity, safety and community within Anchorage's Fairview neighborhood. Fairview recently was awarded a Reconnecting Communities Pilot Program Grant funding efforts to reconnect communities impacted by challenging transportation infrastructure.

Vibrant Neighborhoods

Through the lens of design, we'll consider how creative solutions implemented in vibrant and vital neighborhoods like Fairview can shape Anchorage’s future. We'll also share how artists are cultivating wellness and care inspired by Northern-appropriate materials in the Anchorage Museum exhibition How to Survive

111 West 6th Avenue, Anchorage, Alaska, USA
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