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Future Perfect

Lódź Design Festival
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May 18, 2023


May 28, 2023

Instead of just predicting the future, can we try to design it? And how can visions of the future change our present? – These are the questions that we will ask during this year’s edition of Łódź Design Festival, which will be held from May 18-28. The motto of the upcoming edition of ŁDF is “Future Perfect”!

Łódź Design Festival is a unique event that brings together designers and manufacturers associated with the creative industry, as well as all lovers of good design. Organized since 2007, it creates a forum for designers and companies to exchange experiences and aims to discover and promote young talents and present the directions of design development to a wide audience. It includes such competitions as must have, which recognizes the best Polish products, and make me!, which aims to promote young, talented designers from all around the world. A regular part of the festival is also Archiblok, during which architecture and urban planning experts present the most interesting aspects of their professional work, to be later joined in a captivating discussion. Łódź Design Festival is also an opportunity to submit your own proposals to the festival program. It is given by the open programme, thanks to which individual artists, but also institutions, associations, foundations, schools, galleries etc. can send their own ideas.


Plan your visit to the Łódź Design Festival 2023! You can now download our programme leaflet HERE - browse it, mark and see you on May 18th!

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