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May 21, 2024


May 26, 2024

Łódź Design Festival (ŁDF) as a pioneering event, organized since 2007 by the Łódź Art Center foundation, supports the development of the Polish creative sector, attracting both industry leaders (i.e. designers, producers and distributors) and recipients not professionally related to this topic but who love good design.


The ŁDF program is an annual review of global design trends, presentation of concepts and future visions. Check ŁDF portfolio



The festival is a forum for the exchange of experiences for creators and companies, and its goal is to discover and promote young talents and present the directions of design development to a wide audience.


The heart of the event is the main festival center – the post-industrial spaces of Art_Inkubator in Fabryka Sztuki in Łódź, but exhibitions, presentations, art installations and places accompanying the festival are located throughout the city.


  • main theme – carried out as a part of the main exhibitions and events of ŁDF, is a commentary on the most important challenges of the modern world.
  • open programme – a call addressed primarily to institutions, curators, artists and designers who would like to show the results of their work to the festival audience.
  • make me! – an international competition selecting the best projects created by young generation. An accompanying exhibition is a kind of a unique image of the world of the near future.
  • must have – a plebiscite and an exhibition distinguishing the best domestic implementations. It is also an opportunity to meet the most important Polish designers and producers.
  • Archiblok – a space for discussion, a discussion about space. A block of expert presentations and discussions, dedicated to burning topics in the field of architecture and urban planning.
  • Edukreacja – a zone dedicated to families with children. It is a place for creative play and learning regardless of age, status or knowledge.

We have recruitment for the ŁDF program throughout the year, primarily as part of the projects we implement – the make me! competition, the must have plebiscite and the open programme. Read more here.

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