Thessaloniki Design Week 2023

Thessaloniki Design Week
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Jun 6, 2023


Jun 13, 2023

Thessaloniki Design Week is a bi annual event established itself in 2019 as an institution for the city by giving it possibility of expression, reflection and synergies in all sectors and aspects of creativity.

It is a space of opportunities and extroversion for entrepreneurship of the Design and Creative sectors in many ways. Thus, multiple benefits arise more widely in various fields, such as tourism and culture, than an event whose internationalization can bring high visibility.

On the initiative of NGO PHILARTIA and in collaboration with the MUNICIPALITY THESSALONIKI and many other institutions, actions and events were organized, in connection with the educational and research community and its international environment design.

All actions of ThessDW are intended for communication and exchange of ideas, the synergies between individuals and institutions and the essential extroversion Emphasis is placed on the development of partnerships with respective organizations and bodies, in the presentation-professional promotion of Greek products and services creators abroad, in the promotion-export of Greek producers, events and exhibitions.

Also, the actions aim to develop synergies for participation in national and European programs and, in general, in the search any form of cooperation for the promotion and promotion of Greek creativity.

The vision is for Thessaloniki Design Week to function on many levels as one participatory platform of a wide range of institutions, entrepreneurs, individuals, scientists and groups active in the creative industries.

The aim is the development of research and innovation and the production of new proposals, products and services, as an expression, education and professional tool development, but also extroversion of the city and its potential, connecting it with corresponding bodies, institutions and organizations abroad.

The Thessaloniki Design Week has as central objectives, through a series events:

- to highlight the significant potential of the city and the country it deals with all aspects of design,

- to strengthen and introduce new models of processes in the creation and in the product and service design,

- to develop research for all the applications that the design involves,

- to create opportunities that will make possible to connect creativity with entrepreneurship, the production process, the domestic and international market and to give new outlets to creators in the current conditions.

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